M PAUL General Contractors • THE RIGHT PARTNER

At M PAUL, we surpass expectations of what a construction partner should be.
Always ensuring that we share a common vision of what success looks like, and how to achieve it. Superior building defined.

M PAUL works as a team. In general contracting it is the only way to do it right. When a project is in play, all hands have to be at the ready, all minds alert and all skills working in unison. Our team is responsive, purpose driven and fundamental to our success.

We’re proud of the work they do.

What we do

Transparency. Perseverance. Service.

M PAUL General Contractors has been serving the Central Florida area for 25 years. We provide construction solutions and general contracting services via any delivery method.

Building Your Legacy

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We’re building purpose. We’re building community.
We’re building market expertise.
Experience our pride in how we build. 

“We shape our buildings, thereafter, they shape us.”

 – Winston Churchill

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